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Detective Conan - Friends

Sonoko tapped her foot against the bottom of the staircase and wondered who exactly had been over to clean. There wasn't a speck of dust anywhere that she could see, so somebody had to have cleaned it up. The Kudos might've hired someone to do it, but she kinda doubted that. They hadn't even been back yet since... everything. Then again, from what she could remember that wasn't too big of a surprise. Shinichi had always brushed off questions about them, but she'd sat through enough of Ran's rants about their behavior to piece together enough. His parents were completely out to lunch, it was probably safer for everyone's sanity if they stayed away. Not that it mattered. She didn't care about the Kudos, not any of them. She was just here because Ran needed moral support. That's all there was to it.

The yelling was starting to get into the upper levels, so hopefully Ran would reach her eruption point, then those two could do the whole kiss and make up scene so she could leave. Moral support for her best friend it may be, but Sonoko really wasn't interested in the particulars of this lover's spat. She didn't want to know. It wasn't her problem. She certainly hadn't been worried about the idiot, and the little twinges in her stomach had nothing to do with disappointment or betrayal. He wasn't her friend. They were just acquaintances through Ran. That's all.

Maybe she'd had a soft spot for Conan, but since he'd been Shinichi all along, it didn't really matter. He'd been cute - adorable even -, but that was it. He'd also been a seriously annoying little brat - which wasn't too surprising all things considered. Shinichi had always been annoying. He was always getting into trouble, always running off to do something stupid and dangerous with the police, never sticking around long enough to even finish a simple conversation. Of course, his social skills consisted of prattling on and on about Sherlock Holmes novels so it wasn't a great loss, but still. And he'd kept on doing all that crap after getting turned into a brat! Wow, now that she really thought about it, she had no idea what to think of the police at this point. They hadn't known that Conan was Shinichi, so why had they even started letting him run around crime scenes to begin with? Ran's father was no excuse. In fact, his presence should've made them that much more careful. What the heck had they been doing this entire time? What had any of them been doing?

It shouldn't have turned out this way. Sonoko sighed and leaned back against the banister. The husband and wife were supposed to get married, then they'd have lots of kids for her to spoil rotten. The happy little family. And maybe along the way she'd find some guy that would live up to her exacting standards. Sure, no one, but no one, could be as suave and dashingly romantic as Kaitou Kid, but that was no reason for them to not try. The men of the world just needed to work harder at being tolerable for people like her.

Sonoko flinched as the sound of a slap reverberated through the sudden silence. Oh crap. The door to the library flew open a moment later as Ran stormed out in a rage. Oh no no, Ran, you are not doing this. You're supposed to chew him out, maybe give him a little of the cold shoulder, and then get over it. "Ran, what are you-"

"I've had enough of this. I'm leaving," Ran snarled as she stalked into the entryway, kicked the house slippers off and stomped into her regular shoes. "I'll see you later."

Sonoko flinched again as Ran slammed the front door shut behind her. She was almost certain she'd heard the hinges rattle at the force of it. Damnit. Letting her shoulders droop in an unsuccessful attempt to relieve her mounting tension, Sonoko let out of a heavy breath of irritation. She couldn't let those two do anything on their own without them screwing it up. Why did they always have to make everything so difficult? Shopping, that what she wanted to be doing right now. Instead she was stuck in this giant mausoleum of a house with him. And thanks to Ran's explosion, she was going to have to go check on him. She was. Just up and leaving was out of the question. Maybe she might've done it before, but that was then, this was now. She couldn't just blithely ignore things anymore. It wouldn't be right.

Grumbling under her breath at stupid friends and their stupid boyfriends, Sonoko pushed off from the banister and made her way over to the library. The door was still ajar, so she didn't have to bother about knocking or anything - not that she ever had with these two, it was fun to catch them in compromising positions. Peeking in, she sighed at what she saw. He was just standing there with one hand to his cheek, not looking at anything. Why was he so well versed at looking pathetic? He didn't have a right to it. He was Shinichi. Shinichi didn't do pathetic. Just because he was stuck in the body of a kid didn't change that fact one iota.

Damnit Ran, what were you thinking? Just because he's that moron stuffed into kid form doesn't mean you can hit him like that when you're angry. Shaking her head at the absurdity of the entire situation, Sonoko swiftly stalked into the room.

Shinichi looked up, his eyes widening in surprise at her unexpected appearance. "Sonoko, what-" He didn't have time for anything else as she yanked his hand down and tilted his head to the side so she could get a better look at Ran's parting gift.

Sonoko winced as she surveyed the damage. Ran had really given him what for. There was no way that wasn't going to bruise to hell and back. As if he needed more injuries. Honestly, what was Ran thinking? He didn't need another beating ontop of the one those people had given him. Grimacing at the memory, Sonoko let her gaze wander down to his shoulder. He'd been bleeding so much on that day... such a horrible day. "She didn't get you anywhere else, did she?" Stupid Ran. Stupid Shinichi. Stupid everything.

"No! No, of course not," he answered quickly. Too quickly as far as she was concerned. He was such a little liar. How could she even trust him to admit to having further injuries somewhere else? He never had before. Idiot.

"All right," Sonoko said doubtfully as she straightened back up and raked him with a calculating look. "Conan" had always appeared way too tiny for his own good, and knowing that he was Shinichi didn't make that any better. He looked like something the dog had taken great pleasure in mangling before dragging in. The bruising down his right arm had faded some, but it was still very purple in several places, and the yellow on the rest of it just highlighted how pale he'd gotten. The cast on his left wrist was devoid of markings, which was odd. Hadn't the other kids been over to pester the crap out of him yet? He was wearing pants - for once -, which was just as well. She didn't really want to see the rest of the bruising - and burns - she knew would be down there. He never did anything halfway, did he? Overachieving twit. "Well, put some ice on it and eat something. You look like a stiff breeze will bowl you over."

"Don't worry about it," Shinichi said casually, too casually in her mind. "I'll be fine."

"Of course you are. You always are," Sonoko shot back breezily. "You're just never okay." Turning around so she didn't have to witness the shocked stare he was giving her, Sonoko put her hands on her hips and tapped her foot in irritation. Cheering him up was not her job. It had never been her job and she sure didn't want it. But there was nobody else here. So... "Don't worry about Ran. She'll get over it. You just focus on getting better. And stop tripping over dead people while you're at it. You've far surpassed everyone's quota in that regard."


He sounded tired. Really tired. He wasn't supposed to sound like that, or look like that. He was supposed to be her best friend's arrogant, annoying jerk of a husband, not some kid who got fed shrinking poison by insane whack jobs who tortured and blew up people for fun. She didn't like this at all. Frankly, she hated it. And stupid Ran shouldn't have left her here to pick up the damn pieces! Just... "Take care of yourself, okay? It's important that you stay safe and get better... okay?" She wasn't going to cry, especially not over him of all people. It was just allergies. That's all. Just because she couldn't see a lick of dust didn't mean there wasn't any.

There was a long silence, and Sonoko was starting to wonder what else she could possibly say to make it better when he finally spoke up. "I'll try. Thanks, Sonoko."

Good. That was good. He sounded a little less gloomy at least. "No problem. Somebody has to watch out for idiots like you." It would all turn out okay, one way or another. She'd just have to take up the slack until Ran's temper ran its course. He did kind of deserve it, after all, just... not like that. Honestly, what was she going to do with the two of them?